Covid-19 Policies

In order to comply with the State of Tennessee Phase Two guidelines for reopening gyms, some of our policies and procedures have changed. Please note the following temporary changes.


  • We will be allowing nationwide members to use the facility as well as guests starting on June 1st. 

  • Showers will be closed. Restrooms and lockers  will still be available

  • There will be no access to the basketball court, archery area, or meeting spaces. These areas are closed to all members.

  • The Dickson YMCA will be accepting facility reservations starting on June 1st. This includes the batting cage area. 

  • Y-Play childcare is opening on June 2nd. You must call ahead and reserve your spot. You can call as early as 6am for the morning hours and 12pm for the evening hours. A child may not be in Y-Play for more than two hours.  

  • You must call the Y to reserve a spot for any group fitness classes. Classes have limited spots available. We will start taking reservations at 6:00am for morning classes and 3:00pm for evening classes. You cannot reserve a spot for a different day. 

  • Once you have reserved a spot in a class, arrive NO MORE than 10 minutes before class. Studios will open 10 minutes before class starts and you cannot gather outside the studio door. 

  • Group classes that require equipment: equipment will already be set up prior to class. DO NOT change the studio set up or get more equipment. When class is over, LEAVE all equipment where it is. YMCA staff will sanitize all equipment and get the studio ready for the next class. 


  • Upon arrival, member will sanitize hands, answer screening questions, and have forehead temperature scanned.

  • Members are encouraged to wear mask/face coverings when not participating in cardio activity.

  • There will be no self-service coffee bar. The kitchen area is also closed to members. 

  • Members are required to take a towel provided upon entry. Use this towel to clean any equipment you contact throughout your workout. Place the dirty towel in the container at the front desk on your way out of the facility. 

  • Use only one piece of equipment at a time. Then clean this equipment before moving on to another. NO circuits or super setting. 

  • Starting June 1st we will be able to take cash payments and are still accepting personal checks and credit/debit cards.  

  • Continue to practice social distancing by not gathering in groups on or within the YMCA property. 

  • The water fountain will be closed. Be prepared to bring enough water for your entire workout.

  • If a pen is needed for any registrations, please place used pen in the appropriate container at the front desk. 

Our Mission:

To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build a healthy spirit, mind and body for all.



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