Let's Focus on Connection


While social distancing is meant to keep us safe, it can also have a negative impact by making us feel more isolated and alone. A 2019 study found 3 out of 5 people expressed feeling lonely or isolated.


I think we can all guess what that same study would show now after the continued impact of the pandemic. What we do know is that Seniors are reporting double the rate of loneliness in 2020.


We're most successful in our lives when we have a strong support network. This week's focus is on reconnecting with friends and family members -- whether it's bringing a friend to a workout or making a phone call to someone you haven't seen recently.


















RECONNECT Mini-Challenge

Your RECONNECT mini-challenge this week focuses us on reconnecting with others. Watch this video from Coach Chuck Mingo with the Strong Life collaborative to get started on your RECONNECT mini-challenge.


Goal: Pick up the phone and call -- don't text or email -- with someone you care about at least 5 times this week. (Bonus points if you haven't talked to them in over a year!)

Next Steps:

1) Keep scheduling and doing your 150 minutes of movement!

2) Can you increase your servings of fruits/veggies per day? Or add more days a week?

3) Call at least 5 people you care about and just ask, "How are you doing?"

4) Visit the RESET Challenge Facebook group for additional tips, tools and to make new connections with other participants. Let's support each other on this journey!