Let's Focus on Nutrition


Physical activity is where we started, but nutrition plays an important role in our health. In addition to the 150 minutes of movement, this week focuses on nutrition fundamentals with tips to help us make the right food choices. As our personal trainer Aireann always says, "You can't out exercise a bad diet."


3-Day REFRESH Mini-Challenge

Your RESET needs the right fuel. Watch this video from Coach Kayla with the Strong Life collaborative to get started on your 3-Day REFRESH mini-challenge to RESET your diet!



  • "Eat the Rainbow" (2-3 servings of fruits/veggies every day)

  • "Hydrate up" (Minimum of 64 oz of water every day)

  • "Eat from Sea, Earth and Sky" (shop the fresh "outer" circle of the grocery store)


What is a serving size?

What is a serving size of fruits or vegetables? None of us want to carry about a set of measuring cups in our pockets. So how do we know how much to eat? One way is to use the Hand Measuring System.


Your hand is proportionate to your body. Its size never changes, and it’s always with you, making it the perfect tool for measuring food. For fruits and veggies, a serving size is about the size of your closed fist. 


Next Steps:

1) Pick up your goodie bag (if you haven't done so).

2) Keep scheduling and doing your 150 minutes of movement!

3) Pick 3 consecutive days this week for the REFRESH mini-challenge. Schedule it on your tracker.

4) Visit the RESET Challenge Facebook group for additional tips, tools and recipes.

5) Join our Weekly Zoom Call on Wednesday at 6:30 pm. We'll focus on your Nutrition questions this week. If you want to submit your nutrition question ahead of time, please email Sandy before Wednesday. If you can't make the Zoom call, you can still email your questions to Sandy and she'll either answer them in the Zoom call or include the answers in an email to the group.