Let's Focus on Reinvesting in Ourselves and Our Community


At the Dickson County Family YMCA, we believe in giving back to the community through our local partners and activities. This week let's explore together how we can make a bigger impact by reinvesting in our local communities to make them stronger.


Watch this video from our REINVEST Coach Jorge Perez, YMCA Leader and volunteer, as he shares his personal thoughts about this week's focus of reinvesting in yourself and your community.


REINVEST Mini-Challenge

Your REINVEST mini-challenge this week asks us to focus outward and use our talents, our abilities, our skills and our passions to make a difference in the lives of people. It challenges us to ask, "How can we reinvest our talents and gifts in the service of someone else?" And when you reinvest in your friends, family, neighbors or community, that investment comes back 3-fold into your own life. Your mini-challenge this week is to find a very specific way to give back that aligns with your passion and skills.


How can you REINVEST in Dickson County?

The national YMCA organization has been strengthening communities for more than 176 years. It's what make us #morethanagym. Our community focus is what makes each YMCA unique and integrated into its local community.


Serving the community is a core mission for the Dickson County Family YMCA; it’s not just a slogan on a website. All membership fees stay in our local community through investments in our facility and staff, and they also allow us to support our community partners through various programs.


  • The Dickson YMCA supports 114 different local nonprofits and community organizations in a variety of ways from providing a free meeting place to offering a spot in our parking lot for a fundraiser.

  • Certified Crisis Center for the American Red Cross - emergency shelter during times of crisis

  • American Red Cross partner - we host numerous blood drives throughout the year

  • Official Warming Station for Dickson County – keeping our community safe during extreme temperature drops 

  • Dickson County Emergency System Plan partner - we're one call away from unlocking our door, turning on our lights, to meet the needs of our community during a natural disaster

  • Mobile Food Pantry – last year we worked with the Dickson Help Center & Thrift Store and the Second Harvest Food Bank to distribute over 160,000 pounds of food to our community. 

  • Free COVID-19 Day Camp for Essential Workers

  • CACFP Afterschool Meals program - the Dickson County Family YMCA serves a free snack to kids ages 5-18 every weekday from 4:30pm-5:30pm. Last year we served over 3,650 snacks to 332 kids in our community.


Check out this video for all the ways The Dickson County Family YMCA supports our community. The Dickson County Family YMCA is so much more than a gym. It's where your membership makes an impact in the community far beyond our four walls. 


Next Steps:

1) Keep scheduling and doing your 150 minutes of movement.

2) Get in your daily servings of fruits and veggies.

3) Continue to connect with people, and let's expand that this week to connecting with your community in a new way by REINVESTing.

4) The snow is gone, but can you find other ways to bring play into your weekly workouts?

5) Make a commitment to REINVEST in your community. Find an organization that aligns with your passion, call them up and ask how you can help. Or contact the Dickson YMCA and ask how you can volunteer or donate food and supplies to some of the community activities we support or find out how you can support one of our local community partners.

6) Visit the RESET Challenge Facebook group for additional tips, tools and to make new connections with other participants. Let's support each other on this journey!

instructors Claudia Kim Kelly  Faith San

How can you support the Dickson YMCA?

There are multiple ways to support our mission of serving the Dickson County community.

  • Become a member - all membership fees stay in our local community through investments in our facility and staff, and they also allow us to support our community partners through various programs.

  • Donate - another way to support the Dickson YMCA is through a direct donation. All donations stay in Dickson County supporting the programs we offer to our community as well as letting us provide a meeting space for non-profit/community groups.

  • Amazon Smile - did you know your purchases on Amazon could support the Dickson County Family YMCA? Just go to Amazon Smile and select the Dickson County Family YMCA as the non-profit you wish to support. It doesn't cost you anything extra, but a portion of the proceeds will go to support the Dickson YMCA.