We Made It!


We're in the final week of the RESET Challenge, but It doesn't stop here. Although we've worked through the RESET Challenge together for the past five weeks, the ultimate goal is to continue building on what we've started. Keep moving, keep building a healthy diet, keep connecting, keep playing, and keep reinvesting!

We need to celebrate and recognize our achievements during the RESET Challenge.


Check out this video from the Strong Life collaborative and reflect on all that you've accomplished during the challenge!


Your challenge now is to keep planning for Weeks 7, 8, 9 and beyond. Ask yourself, "How can I maintain the healthy habits I started in this challenge?" I hope the RESET Challenge has also raised the bigger issue of why health and wellness is so important.


Health focuses on keeping the physical body free from illness, injury or disease. Wellness is the spirited process of change and growth that lasts for a lifetime. The RESET Challenge is about adopting lifestyle changes that will impact both your health and wellness. Maintaining an optimal level of wellness is critical to living a higher quality of life. That's why the RESET Challenge doesn't stop here -- we all need to continue building on what we've started. Check out this article for more ways to quiet your mind, build your body, and nurture your spirit.

Next Steps:

1) Keep scheduling and doing your 150 minutes of movement.

2) Get in your daily servings of fruits and veggies.

3) Continue to connect with people, and ask how you can serve others in your community.

4) Try a new workout, change up your routine, and add some fun into your weekly workouts. Spring is right around the corner, so get outdoors and play!

5) Celebrate all that you've achieved throughout the RESET Challenge! Continue to build on the RESET Challenge, Don't let the healthy habits you've developed end with the challenge. Keep moving and keep challenging yourself to incorporate more healthy habits in 2021!

6) Get ready for the next challenge coming this Summer!