COVID-19 Policies


In order to comply with the State of Tennessee guidelines for gyms, some of our policies and procedures have changed. Please note the following temporary changes.


  • Open to DCFY members, nation-wide YMCA members, and non-members (for meetings, community outreach and drop-ins)

  • Showers open all hours of operation (cleaned every 4 hrs)

  • Basketball court, archery area, and meeting spaces are all accessible at all hours of operation

  • Y Play open without reservations

  • No reservations needed for attendees of group fitness classes


  • Upon arrival, member will sanitize hands, answer screening questions, and have forehead temperature scanned (must be lower than 100.4 to gain access to facility)

  • Staff are required to wear mask/face covering when not engaging in cardio activity

  • Members are encouraged to wear masks/face coverings when not participating in cardio activity

  • There will be no self-service coffee bar.

  • Kitchen area is open to members

  • Members are required to take a towel and cleaning bottle provided upon entry. Use this towel to clean any equipment you contact throughout your workout. Place the dirty towel and bottle back in the designated areas at the front desk upon leaving the facility

  • Use only one piece of equipment at a time. Clean this equipment before moving on to another. NO circuits or super setting.

  • Continue to practice social distancing by limiting the gathering in groups on or within the YMCA property

  • Pre-measured spots marked on the studio floors ensure that proper social distancing is maintained during group fitness classes

  • The water fountain spout will remain closed. Make sure to bring a water bottle to fill up at the filling station.

  • Hand sanitation stations are provided throughout the facility

  • Electrostatic sprayer is used throughout the day to sanitize equipment and other areas within the facility